Self-Care: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs This Critical Tool Today

Don't overlook this important part in your hustle!

Hustle culture is excellent - it propels you to new heights, keeps you going, and motivates you to do better. But it also comes with stress, fatigue, risk of failure, and irregular money and social interaction (especially if you’re working from home). This is particularly true for entrepreneurs who are genuinely passionate about their services, as they are more likely to burn out because they’re so dedicated to working.

Making time for self-care will create an oasis of calm amongst the frenzy. In this article, ChristalDiamond walks you through the benefits of taking time off and easy ways to do so today.

Boost Productivity

Science has proven that taking breaks is the key to mental clarity, creativity, and focus. All in all, you can expect to skyrocket your productivity, even with 10 minutes away from work.

If you’re struggling to get away, try scheduling short breaks into your calendar. Spend ten minutes here for a short walk or ten minutes there to do some breathwork or light stretches. Meditation, too, can transport you to a different realm and have you feeling zen’d out and refreshed. Creative hobbies like drawing, knitting, and any other sort of ‘making’ will give you a complete mental break - so try to work on a creative project that you can chip away at over the weeks slowly.

Break Up Physical Tension

Movement, in any form, is the ultimate mental and physical break. Sitting for hours in front of a laptop does take a mental toll, so be sure to introduce a palette of postures if possible. Work standing, sitting, or take your calls during a walk. As your body gets stronger, so will your mind - the intense focus required to concentrate on one exercise and then another is the ultimate mental break. Try as you might, you probably won’t be able to keep worrying about your deadlines, meetings, and demands when you’re working out!

If you can’t get to the gym, home workouts are equally effective in getting those endorphins rushing in - you could invest in an indoor spin bike or follow instructional videos on yoga or HIIT. These come with great music, instruction and creativity, and will be just the ticket to get your blood pumping.

Sleep for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Taking care of your sleep is as critical as your daily business operations. After all, if you’re not well-rested at night, how will you be able to strategize and function the following day? According to Sleep Foundation, all adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Download a white noise app to your phone to lull you to sleep (especially great if you live in a noisy house or neighborhood). Another option is listening to binaural beats, which you can download as an app or on YouTube. Investing in speakers to play these calming sounds will be essential as the noise will drown out other noises and anxieties. You could also get a sleep lamp that uses light therapy to induce slumber - the relaxing glow of sunset will have you nodding off in no time.

Save Time

Lastly, work smarter, not harder. Consider getting outside help to get your tasks done faster. Platforms like Fiverr and UpWork have competent professionals in just about any field - from administration to design - who can help you save your precious time (and energy). Another effective way to free up mental space is time blocking through color coding and visual cues - just be sure to stand your ground and not add tasks to an already packed schedule!

Working hard is great. So is taking time off. But striking a healthy balance between work and personal commitments is where it’s at; that sweet spot where are our minds can function optimally while also recovering from all the work. Self-care is an inarguable must - and the one way you can achieve success for the long haul.

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