5 tips to grow long healthy relaxed hair

Updated: Jan 7

Five easy-peasy tips!

Many of us can relate to the struggle of growing our relaxed hair. Due to this, we often allow our hair to transition back to its natural state, which can take months leading up to years.

If you are still rocking your relaxed hair and want to know how to keep it healthy and make it grow faster, then this post will be of much help.

The pictures below shows my hair in its relaxed state. A year before I took this picture, my hair was cut very low due to damage of using too strong of a hair dye.

I want to share with you the top 5 tips on how to grow your relaxed hair long and healthy. I've learnt some of these tips from my hairdresser and research I have done over the years, to fully understand how to look after my hair.

Before I jump right in, lets shed some light on the meaning of relaxed hair. Relaxed hair involves using a special type of cream that is called a relaxer.

Relaxers contain chemicals that breaks down the hair component to change its texture. It is commonly used by people with afro hair/curls to "relax" the hair, resulting to a straighter hair without frizz. The process can be drying and as such, the hair needs to be cared for and nourished properly.

1. Use an experienced hairdresser

If you are unsure how to relaxed your hair, get it done by someone who has experience. Knowing and understanding the techniques of how to relax your hair properly is very important. Without a good understanding of the complete process, you could risk over-processing your hair and damaging it.

2. Avoid over-processing

When you apply the relaxer to your hair, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. Things such as the length of time you should leave it on your hair, the amount you should apply and how often you should relax your hair.

Over-processing will make your hair extremely vulnerable to breakage and the texture of your hair will become very thin.

One of the many techniques my hairdresser uses during the relax process is to never let my hair process to its full potential. Instead, she leaves it on for just a couple of minutes, ensuring that my hair still has some of its natural curly state.

After this technique, your hair will still come out straight but thicker and healthier. After all, why would you want to completely break down your hair component? It would only leave it more prone to breaking.

3. Wash your hair with care

Wash and condition your hair at least every two weeks with care, but do not over wash as this can lead to drying. Washing your hair will help to remove excess oil and build up from your scalp and hair. Having excess build up can prevent your hair from growing.

Ensure that you use a moisturising shampoo that is gentle and sulphate-free. I often use ORS Olive Oil Moisturising Shampoo and Condition, they work wonders!

4. Oil your scalp

Oil and gently massage your scalp at least once a week to promote healthy hair growth.

Ensure that you use gentle oils such as almond or coconut oil. I sometimes use caster oil which is awesome, as it helps to grow your hair fast and thick! If you decide to use caster oil, try your best to get the raw organic Jamaican Caster oil.

Oiling your scalp helps to open and relax your hair pores.

5. Moisturise and seal your hair

Okay, lets imagine a piece of cloth left in cold or hot weather, what do you think will happen? The cloth will snap. Unfortunately, the same will happen to your relaxed hair if you do not moisturise it.

The process of relaxing strips the hair of its natural oils and it becomes fragile. As a result, without proper moisture, hair can easily get damaged.

You can either use oil-based or water-based moisturiser. Avoid using products with heavy ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil. I often use ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion which is water-based. I then use coconut oil to seal the moisture in.

These are just my top 5 tips to grow your relaxed hair long and healthy. There are other things you will need to consider such as taking biotin supplements, getting your protein and vitamins, increasing your iron, drinking lots of water and many more.

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